Trailing Clouds of Glory


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    The book reports dozens of  experiences that describe details of premortal life in “Our Original Home.”

    Chapters in part one focus on cities, buildings, vegetation, and inhabitants. It continues by describing life activities such as teaching, learning, escorting spirits to and from the earth, watching over others, keeping records, working and serving on councils, various relationships, beings of light, and the appearance of other premortal beings.

    Part two describes preparations for earth life, contacts with prospective parents, places of departure, the journey to earth, and various arrival on earth experiences.

    Part three treats various unique qualities and skills brought to earth, comfort and protection received from premortal homes, and parental contact with their unborn children. It also tackles problem situations such as adversity, disabilities, handicaps, stillbirths, miscarriages, suicide, abuse, adoption, and abortions.

    Part four, “Returning Home,” touches on what it’s like to die, what the dying see, the life review, multiple heavenly realms, beings of light and beings of darkness, and what is important in heaven.

    The book ends with a comprehensive bibliography and source identifications, and an interesting epilogue.

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