The Creation of This Planet Earth

The two beginning chapters of the Biblical Book of Genesis provide a lot of information concerning “in the beginning” of this planet’s existence. Chapter one relates how its creation was planned, step by step. Chapter two tells how those steps were applied as the earth was transformed into a physical reality. The accounts tell how Adam was first created, then Eve was created and they were transferred into living human beings.

But much more of the creation accounts is added in the Pearl of Great Price Books of Moses and Abraham. They make it clear that this earth is only one of untold thousands of earths the God the Father and His Son Jesus have created. And each new earth has it’s own “Adam.” As is shown in this “Helpful Handout,” other scriptural sources add a host of new understandings to how this earth came into existence, how mankind came into existence here, and what are God’s purposes as He brings new planets, with their own unique populations, into reality.

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This site examines the scriptures that describe the Gods’ creation of this planet

and the roles played by Adam and Eve.

Chapters one and two of the Bible book of Genesis provide an excellent description of the creation process. Chapter one describes the careful step-by-step premortal spirit-world planning process; then chapter two tells what was brought to pass in the earth’s actual physical creation.

It’s interesting that in the Hebrew recording of Genesis, chapter one says it was Elohim (God the Father) who created it; chapter two says it was Yeshua (God the Son, Jesus Christ) who was the implementer of that creation plan.

Much more information is found in the Pearl of Great Price Books of Moses and Abraham. They describe how the earth was created (planned) nigh to a planet named Kolob, then positioned in its present position in the vastness of heavenly space. The Book of Abraham says that “the Gods” created it.

The Book of Moses informs us that this earth is not alone. “In the beginning” doesn’t reach back to describe how  the Gods came to be; it begins by describing the beginning of this particular planet. They testify that the Father and Son have created so many worlds that they are without number to mankind, though they are safely guided and monitored by those heavenly deities.

These additional scriptural accounts answer many of mankind’s questions. This site examines the scriptures that describe the Gods’ creation of this planet. The Creation of This Planet Earth opens the way to some profound new thoughts and understandings as the contributions of these other scriptural sources are presented.

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