All-4 Scriptures’ Reading Checklists: Bible, B of M, D & C, P of GP (11 lists)


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There are 927 chapters in the Old Testament, which are covered with five reading checklists: (1) the Pentateuch (Genesis-Deuteronomy) [187 chapters]; (2) the Historical books (Joshua-Esther) [248 chapters]; (3) the Wisdom books (Job, Psalms-Ecclesiastes) [242 chapters]; (4) The Major Prophets (Isaiah-Daniel) [183 chapters]; and (5) the Minor Prophets (Hosea-Malachi) [67 chapters]. The New Testament, which contains 260 chapters, is covered with two reading checklists: (6) the four Gospels (Matthew-John) [89 chapters]; and (7) Acts-Revelation [171 chapters]. There is only one chart each for the three Latter-day-Saint books of scripture: (8) the Book of Mormon [239 chapters]; (9) the Doctrine and Covenants [140 sections]; and (10) the Pearl of Great Price [15 chapters; a total of 394 chapters for the three Latter-day Saint books. The four books of scripture contain a grand total of 1,581 chapters.
The Scripture Reading-Time Calculations chart (11) is a great tool to help you in setting realistic goals for reading the various volumes of scripture. For instance, If you read 1 chapter a day of the Book of Mormon a day, you’ll reach your goal in 239 days, but if you read 2 chapters a day, you’ll finish in 120 days; read 3 chapters a day, 80 days; four chapters a day: 60 days; 5 chapters a day, 48 days; and if you read 6 chapters a day, you’ll finish the book in only 40 days. Reading times for the Old Testament: 927 days at 1 chapter a day; 465 days if you read 2 chapters a day; 309 days at 3 chapters a day; 232 days at 4 chapters daily; 185 days if you read 5 chapters daily; and you’ll finish the whole Old Testament in 153 days [21.9 weeks] if you’ll read 6 chapters each day. The chart gives completion times for the books in each of the 10 reading checklists based on reading 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 chapters a day.

Each chart is a printout of an Excel computer file, sent in paper form. You can easily make a mark for each chapter you read on the provided sheets. But if you’re computer savvy, you can easily copy the formats and set up your own single-page file for any or all of the charts, setting up the calculations so you just type in a 1 for each chapter read. Your chart will then be able to add the total of chapters read, report how many chapters remain unread, and show the percentage of chapters read to date.