Prophecy Key to the Future

Thoroughly based on the Bible and latter-day scriptures, and on prophecies made by Latter-day Saint General Authorities, Prophecy–Key to the Future presents extensive prophetic descriptions of numerous future events with care, documenting them fully and precisely in a scholarly fashion.

The book cites warnings of a 3rd world war, and later a 4th world war, with a terrible period of worldwide anarchy between them. It documents prophecies of present and future events such as the worldwide growth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; the worldwide preaching of the gospel; the gathering of Israel; the conversion of many of the Lamanites. It also clearly warns of future great judgments by famine, sword, and pestilence.

It focuses on the returning  of some of the lost 10 tribes; the building of the New Jerusalem; the Battle of Armageddon; and other events preparing for the Lord’s coming in glory.

It documents detailed prophecies of Christ’s millennial reign; the resurrections and final judgment; various end-of-the-world events; and numerous other specific last-days happenings.

If you want to recognize and understand the present and other near-future events, Prophecy – Key to the Future definitely is a must-read book for you!


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Prophecy: Key to the Future contains hundreds of last days prophecies. It’s the most comprehensive LDS book on last-days prophecies in print! Studying Inspired prophecies help us prepare for future events that will shape our lives.

The book originally was written by Duane S. Crowther as a Master’s thesis at Brigham Young University. The assignment was to establish and document a chronological order of last-days events, using the Standard Works and statements of LDS General Authorities as authoritative evidence.

Both Bible-era and modern prophets foretold “happy” events such as  (1) the spreading of Christ’s gospel and the growth of His Church, (2)  gathering those of the house of Israel to the modern land of  Israel and to other lands, (3) the Lord’s second coming coupled with a fiery cleansing of the earth, (4) the resurrections of the just and the unjust of all mankind,  and (5)  Christ’s millennial reign.

However, both scriptural and modern prophets have foretold many “unhappy” events which have yet to come to pass in the last days. Prophecy: Key to the Future records in detail such future happenings as (6) numerous conflicts, (7) anarchy, (8) great internal struggles in America, (9) a collapse of US government, (10) a third World War, (11) judgments by famine, pestilence, and extreme weather events, and (12) further international strife, culminating in a fourth World War.

Prophecies especially recognized by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints include such events as (13) the great council at Adam-ondi-Ahman, (14) the building of the New Jerusalem, (15) the conversion of many of the Lamanites, and (16) the coming forth of the ten tribes.

Prophecy: Key to the Future compiles both ancient and modern-day prophecies in a cohesive manner, pointing out clues that help to determine these future events chronologically.

No other book provides such thorough coverage of future prophesied events as Prophecy: Key to the Future. If you are seeking knowledge of the future, put it high on your personal “must-read” book list!  It definitely is the most comprehensive and carefully documented LDS book on last-days prophecies in print!

Inspired Prophetic Warnings was written as volume 2 of Prophecy: Key to the Future.  It has many additional prophecies made by early Latter-day Saint General Authorities.

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Prophecy — Key to the Future


Duane S. Crowther




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