Prophecy — Key to the Future [Updated Edition]

Prophecy – Key to the Future was written as a Master’s thesis at Brigham Young University. The assignment was to establish and document the chronological order of last-days events, using the Standard Works and statements of LDS General Authorities as authoritative evidence. The author has presented extensive evidence of numerous future events with care, documenting them fully and precisely in a scholarly fashion. The evidence he cites warns of a 3rd and a 4th world war, with a terrible period of world-wide anarchy between them. He documents future key events such as the growth of the LDS Church; the world-wide preaching of the gospel; the gathering of Israel; the conversion of the Lamanites; great judgments by famine, sword and pestilence; the return of the lost 10 tribes; the building of the New Jerusalem; the Battle of Armageddon; the Lord’s coming in glory; his millennial reign; the resurrections and final judgment; various end-of-the-world events; and many other specific last-days happenings. Prophecy – Key to the Future truly is a must-read book!


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    by Duane S. Crowther

    Prophecy – Key to the Future documents numerous prophecies of last days calamities which will precede Christ’s glorious coming in glory. It was written as a Master’s thesis at Brigham Young University in fulfillment of an assignment to document and establish the order of last days events, using the Standard Works and statements of LDS General Authorities as authoritative evidence. It is a classic of LDS doctrinal literature. Thoroughly researched and carefully documented, its scope is far reaching, its evidence reliable, and its conclusions irresistible. The import of its evidence is inescapable.

    In Prophecy – Key to the Future The author has presented evidence of numerous future last days events with care, documenting them fully and precisely in a scholarly fashion. He has withheld personal opinions, presenting only what the evidence describes. He has provided a chronological index of last-days events, a listing of quotations from major sources, and other tools to assist the reader in further study. As the seventh thousand-year period has been introduced and inspired last-days prophecies draw nearer to fulfillment, this book is essential reading for Latter-day Saints and for Christians everywhere.

    This is a book that influences the lives of those who read it. Its research will aid all who read this book in preparation for the last days events to come. The Lord has revealed that it becometh every man who hath been warned to warn his neighbor, and Prophecy – Key to the Future has played a significant role in that warning process. There now are more than a half-million copies of the book in print.

    Since Prophecy – Key to the Future was written, the author has gathered and compiled much additional evidence from sources not included herein. Some of this information has been published in a second volume titled Inspired Prophetic Warnings. This companion book provides insights into specific last-days warnings to the inhabitants of America and contains many revealed glimpses of events pertaining to World Wars III and IV and the period between them. It is suggested that both books be read and considered simultaneously.

    Table of Contents

    Contents, vii
    List of Illustrations, Maps and Charts, xv
    Key to Abbreviations Used in the Footnotes, xvi

    Introduction, 1
    Why a Book on the Future?
    The Objectives of this Book
    Is this Study Authentic and Reliable?
    Notes on the Revised Edition
    Inspired Prophetic Warnings–A Companion Volume
    No Change in the Prophetic Scenario
    How this Book was Written
    Parley P. Pratt’s Insight: Value of Knowledge of the Future

    Updated Content for the 2017 Edition, 11
    The United States of America at the beginning of 2017
    Other Current Conditions in the United States: 2017
    “War Will be Poured Out upon All Nations” Prophecy Being Fulfilled
    Secret Combinations: The War on Terror and ISIS
    World War III Scenarios: The Impending Danger of Another World Conflict
    Preaching the Gospel in Russia
    A Potential Danger: Electromagnetic Pulse Attack (EMP)
    The Danger of Widespread Financial Collapse
    Utah: Past, Present, and Future
    A Remnant of Jacob to Tread Down the Gentiles
    Is America Now a Righteous or a Wicked Nation?

    1. War to Be Poured Out Upon All Nations, 47
    The Beginning of War in the Last Days
    Slaves are to Rise Up Against Their Masters
    The Purpose of Wars is to Prepare for the Preaching of the Gospel
    Two Periods of War: Preparatory Wars and Wars of Complete Destruction
    United States Warned of Conflict During Period of Preparatory Wars-Third World War

    2. Missionary Work Among the Gentiles, 63
    The Gospel Must Be Taught to Every Nation
    Four Periods of Missionary Labor
    Who are the Gentiles?
    What are the “Times of the Gentiles?”
    What is the Fulness of the Gentiles?
    Conditional Promises Made to the Gentiles in the Americas
    Most of the Gentiles Will Reject the Gospel
    The Fulfilling of he Times of the Gentiles: The Gospel Will Be Taken Instead to the House of Israel
    Signs of the Approaching Fulfillment of the Times of the Gentiles
    The Fulfilling of the Times of the Gentiles is an Important Chronological Event

    3. God Will Pour Out His Judgments, 81
    Great Calamities are to Come After the Gospel is Taken from the Gentiles
    The Lord’s Desolating Scourge
    Famine, Drought and Pollution
    An Earthquake in America
    Jackson County to Be Swept Clean
    Will the Saints Escape Judgments?

    4. Internal Wars and the Collapse of United States Government, 97
    Future War and Strife within the United States
    The Government of the United States Will Completely Collapse
    War Will Spread from America to Other Lands
    A Remnant of Jacob to Tread Down the Gentiles
    The Gathering of the Saints to the Mountains
    The Righteous Gentiles Will Also Gather to the Mountains
    The Saints Will Eventually Be Cut Off from the Rest of the Land
    The Influx of People Will Bring Danger of Famine in the West

    5. The Establishment of the Kingdom of God, 117
    When the United States Government Fails, the Saints Will Uphold the Constitution
    The Foundation for the Kingdom of God was Laid through Revelation to Joseph Smith
    The Future Policy of the Kingdom of God
    The Kingdom of God Will Eventually Gain World-wide Dominion

    6. Establishment of the New Jerusalem, 83
    A Leader Like unto Moses is to Be Chosen
    The Eastward Journey of the Saints While Strife Continues in the United States
    Many Saints Will Remain in the West
    Establishing the New Jerusalem Under the Law of Consecration
    An Inspired Plan for the City and for the Temple
    Who Will Build the New Jerusalem?
    Life within the New Jerusalem

    7. Four Important Events in America, 157
    The Conversion of the Lamanites
    The Lord Shall Come to His Temple in Zion
    Coming of the Ten Tribes
    Calling of the 144,000

    8. The Gathering of the House of Israel to Palestine, 177
    Time of the Gathering of the Jews
    The Present-A Period of Preparatory Gathering
    Time of the Conversion of the Jews

    9. Plagues and the Book of Revelation, 193
    Chronological Importance of the Choosing of the 144,000 High Priests
    The Beginning of the Seventh Thousand-year Period
    Trumps and Plagues are Literal
    The Plagues
    Comparison with Other Series of Seven Angels in the Book of Revelation
    Comparison of Angels with Trumpets in the Doctrine and Covenants

    10. Universal Conflict and the Fall of the Christian Nations, 213
    World-wide Conflict-Fourth World War
    The Christian Nations Will Fall

    11. Christ’s Appearance in the Council at Adam-ondi-Ahman, 221
    Adam is the Ancient of Days
    Location and Description of the Council at Adam-ondi-Ahman
    Purposes of the Council at Adam-ondi-Ahman
    Christ’s Appearance and Acceptance of Dominion

    12. Growth and Development in Zion and Palestine After the Era of Universal Conflict, 231
    Growth of Zion in America
    David, the Prince
    Removal of the Ten Tribes from Zion to Palestine
    Distribution of Land Among the Tribes
    Construction of the Temple in Jerusalem and the Restoration of Sacrificial Worship
    Prophecies Concerning Israel’s Political Affairs

    13. The Battle of Armageddon and Christ’s Appearance on the Mount of Olives, 251
    Nations Which Will Attack Palestine
    Location of the Battlefield
    The Battle
    Christ’s Coming
    The Earthquake
    Conclusion of the Battle
    The Conversion of the Jews and Christ’s Coming to the Jerusalem Temple
    The Interval Between the Coming of Christ to Palestine and Christ’s Coming in Glory
    Missionary Work in the Interval Between the Battle of Armageddon and Christ’s Coming in Glory

    14. Christ’s Coming in Glory, 281
    Saints Also to Descend
    Description of the Lord at His Coming
    Every Eye Shall Witness His Advent
    Changes in the Configuration of The Earth
    The Earth Will Be Cleansed by Fire
    The Marriage of the Lamb

    15. The Millennium, 301
    Extended Life and Resurrection
    A Period of Peace and Righteousness
    Home Life and Sociality as the Lord Dwells Among Men
    Government of the Saints
    Spirit to Be Poured Out
    Many Churches During the Millennium
    Missionary Work
    Temple Work
    Saints Will Be Prepared for Exaltation

    16. Events at the End of the Earth, 323
    The Battle of Gog and Magog
    Consideration of Chronological Sequence of Final Events
    Second Resurrection
    Final Judgment
    Christ and the Saints to Be Crowned and Exalted
    Dissolution and Re-establishment of the Earth

    17. The Earth’s Final State, 343
    Descent of New and Old Jerusalem
    Meaning of Living in the Presence of God
    Life on the Celestial Earth


    I. The United States Constitution Will Hang By a Thread, 351

    II. Notes On Jackson County and the Plat of the City of Zion, 355

    Bibliography, 355
    Latter-day Saint Scriptures, 361
    Latter-day Saint Historical Sources, 361
    Latter-day Saint Doctrinal Sources, 362
    Other Reference Books, 364
    Other Doctrinal Sources, 365
    Miscellaneous, 365


    I. List of Quotations from Major Sources, 367
    Old Testament, 367
    New Testament, 368
    Book of Mormon, 369
    Doctrine and Covenants, 369
    Pearl of Great Price, 371
    Journal of Discourses, 371
    History of the Church, 373

    II. Chronological Index of Events, 375

    III. Alphabetical Index, 391

    About the Author, 399

    Books by the Author, iv

    Topics: Prophecy, Last Days, Revelation, War, Missionary Work, Judgments, Famine, Drought, Earthquakes, Internal Wars, Collapse of U.S. Government, Kingdom of God, Jackson County, New Jerusalem, Conversion of Lamanites, Temples, Ten Tribes, Jerusalem, Plagues, book of Revelation, Universal Conflict, Fall of Christian Nations, Council at Adam-ondi-Ahman, Israel, New Jerusalem, Appearances of Christ, Growth and development, Armageddon, Battle of Armageddon, Second Coming of Christ, Millennium, Gog, Magog, Resurrections, Final Judgment, Constitution, Zion
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