Grampy Doodles (CroPoint Crocheting Patterns)


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Grampy Doodles

by C.R.N. Shepherd

CroPoint is an exciting new crocheting technique with numerous benefits: colors may be added at any point, there are no knots or dangling tails to work in, the item is worked all at the same time, and the piece is completely reversible—both sides are “fronts.” Anyone who has crocheted knows how fun and interesting it is to work with granny squares. They can be made in a variety of color combinations and are sewn or crocheted together to form an afghan with a right and wrong side.

Grampy Doodles are the CroPoint parallel to granny squares. Like granny squares, they are colorful and interesting to produce and can use up odds and ends of yarn. But there the comparison ends. With Grampy Doodes, the geometric variations in pattern are as endless as the color combinations. An afghan can be made with identical motifs in the same or similar colors, or a complete rainbow of color can be used. With a bit of preplanning, the geometric motifs can be varied and an exciting pattern can emerge.

Since the entire afghan is made one row at a time, the squares do not have to be sewn together. The completed afghan is finished and reversible. CroPoint is simple and easy to learn. Anyone who knows how to single and double crochet can pick up this technique quickly and open the door to an exciting, new creative outlet.