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Gifts of the Spirit is a penetrating examination of the manner in which the Holy Ghost functions among the members of the Church. It is written to show that spiritual gifts exist, to explain the nature of many of those those gifts, and to bear witness to their divine origin. It also shows how you can gain the influence of the Holy Spirit and partake of the wonderful spiritual gifts that can enrich your life.  If you will give it prayerful consideration, Gifts of the Spirit will help you make contact with the Holy Ghost and identify the sweet gifts which can shape your life and bring you eternal joy.


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by Duane S. Crowther

Gifts of the Spirit is a penetrating examination of the manner in which the Holy Ghost functions among Latter-day Saints. It explains the nature of revelation and inspiration and shows how man can receive the guidance of the Spirit in his daily life. The book will help every person who will give it prayerful consideration to make contact with the Holy Ghost and to partake of the rich gifts which are available to him.

Hundreds of examples of the manifestations of the Holy Ghost are cited from biographies and other historical records, which makes the book a fascinating source of information and faith. Each of the spiritual gifts, such as prophecy, healing, faith, knowledge of God, tongues and testimony, are set forth in a clear and interesting manner. Intensive research of the scriptures forms the basis for careful explanation of the many lesser-known gifts of the Spirit also. The clear and readable style, chapter summaries, and careful organization make the book a valuable tool for students, study groups, and scholars within the Church. Gifts of the Spirit will be read, studied, and discussed throughout the Church and will stand as a significant contribution to gospel literature.

If you desire to determine the spiritual gifts you should seek and learn how to gain the Holy Spirit’s guidance in obtaining them, you will especially benefit from chapter one: Seeking the Gifts of the Spirit, and chapter two: Recognizing the Guidance of  the Spirit.

               Table of Contents

Introduction, i
Purposes of this Book
Classifications of Spiritual Gifts
Are the Experiences Reported in this Book True?

Explanation of Footnote and Reference Procedures, vi

Table of Contents, vii


1. Seeking the Gifts of the Spirit, 1
An Approach to the Doctrine of Spiritual Gifts
The Purpose of Spiritual Gifts
Signs to Follow Believers
Signs Not to Satisfy Personal Ambitions or Lusts
Gifts, Not Signs, to Be Sought
Where Much is Given, Much is Required
How to Seek the Gifts of the Spirit

2. Recognizing the Guidance of the Spirit, 21
Revealed Aids to Recognizing Revelation
Other Descriptions of the Physical Sensations Characteristic of the Promptings of the Spirit
Verifying Revelation and Inspiration


3. A Testimony of the Divinity of Jesus Christ Through His Personal Manifestation, 51
Knowledge that Jesus is the Son of God
Personal Visitations of the Resurrected Christ in New Testament Times
Personal Visitations of the Resurrected Christ in Book of Mormon Times
Personal Appearances and Manifestations of the Savior in the Latter Days
The Savior to Appear to the Humble

4. A Testimony of the Divinity of Jesus Christ Through Belief in the Witness of Others, 67
Knowledge of Christ’s Divinity Through the Testimony of God the Father
Knowledge of Christ’s Divinity Through the Witness of the Holy Ghost
Knowledge of Christ’s Divinity Through Belief on the Words of Others
Testimony of Christ from the Scriptures
Testimony of Christ from the Prophets
Conversion Through the Preaching and Example of Believers

5. Godly Knowledge, 79
Knowledge the Key to the Celestial Kingdom
Knowledge of God and His Plans for Mankind
Knowledge of Good and Evil
Godly Knowledge to Stabilize Faith
Godly Knowledge to Show the Will of God
Godly Knowledge to Further God’s Work
Godly Knowledge to Increase Personal Understanding
Knowledge a Preparation for the Hereafter
Doctrinal Truths Revealed for Individual Progress
Church Strengthened Through Revelation to Individual Members

6. Godly Wisdom, 99
Godly Wisdom the Proper Use of Godly Knowledge
Wise Actions Prompted by the Spirit
Seeking the Wisdom of Heaven
Godly Wisdom Versus the Foolishness of Men


7. Faith, 113
Seeking Faith—The Beginning of the Path
Faith a Hope in Things Unseen
The Results of Faith
Two “Roll Calls” of Faith—Some Examples
Latter-day Examples of Faith
Faith and the Full Manifestation of God’s Power
Lack of Faith a Retarding Force

8. Faith to Heal Others, 131
The Healing Power of Jesus and His Followers
Four Factors in the Gift of Healing
Miracles with the Gift of Healing
Those Who Seek to Use Faith to Heal Must Be Worthy of the Gift
Those Who Administer Must Follow the Will of the Lord

9. Faith to Be Healed, 147
Man Healed Through His Own Faith
The Nature of Faith to Be Healed
Those Who Possess Faith Healed in Many Ways
Faith to Be Healed and the Forgiveness of Sins
Sickness also Caused by Satan

10. Miracles, 163
Miracles a Sign of the Faithful
Miraculous Powers Granted to Man
Many Types of Miracles
Miracles Performed Other than by Divine Power
Miracles Not Shown to Unbelievers

11. Helps and Governments, 175
Preparation for Church Callings
Guidance in Travels
Assistance in Meeting Temporal Needs


12. Revelation, 191
Revelation Necessary for the Progress of Man
Revelation Given in Many Ways
Man to Seek Knowledge of the Mysteries
Scriptures to Reveal Mysteries
Some Knowledge Withheld by God
Revelation to Guide the Church

13. Prophecy, 215
Prophecy a Gift for Many
Purposes of Prophecy
Tests of Prophetic Veracity
The Gift to Interpret Prophecy
Prophecy Not Predestination

14. Speaking in Tongues, 227
Purpose of the Gift of Tongues
Counsel on the Use of the Gift
Gift of Tongues to be Manifested in the Last Days
Gift of Tongues Manifested in Three Forms

15. Interpretation of Tongues, 241
Nature of the Gift

16. Six Gifts of Self-expression, 247
Gifts of Communication Often Manifested
The Gift of Speaking
Summary of the Gift of Speaking
The Gift of Writing
Summary of the Gift of Writing
The Gift of Translation
Summary of the Gift of Translation
The Gift of Teaching
Summary of the Gift of Teaching
The Gift of Expounding the Scriptures
Summary of the Gift of Expounding the Scriptures
The Gift of Bearing Testimony
Summary of the Gift of Bearing Testimony


17. Administration, 275
A Gift of Leadership and Organizational Ability
Priesthood Administration Directed by the Holy Ghost
Priesthood Leaders May Discern All Spiritual Gifts
The Gift of Administration to be Used with Caution

18. Diversities of Operations, 281
Two Manifestations of the Gift
Knowledge of Whether Activities and Events are Inspired of God
Knowledge of Current Happenings
Examples of Those Who Lack the Gift
The Need for this Gift in the Last Days
Applying the Gift

19. Discerning of Spirits, 293
The Discerning of Spirits
Discerning Attitudes and Traits
Guidance in Applying the Gift
Discerning Spirit Beings


20. Repentance, 305
Godly Sorrow and Worldly Sorrow Contrasted
Repentance Essential to Exaltation
This Life the Time to Repent
Loss of the Spirit from Failure to Repent
Repentance Prevented by Labors of Satan

21. Charity, 317
Charity the Pure Love of Christ
Charity a Gift of the Spirit
The Qualities of Charity
The Manifestations of Charity

22. Hope, 325
Man to Hope for Eternal Life

23. Eternal Life, 329
Eternal Life the Greatest of the Gifts of God
Seeking Exaltation
Man Granted the Expectation of Exaltation

Author’s Testimony, 339

List of Scriptural Passages Cited in this Book, 341

Index, 347

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