Born to Save Mankind: New Insights on Events Surrounding the Birth of Christ

by Duane S. Crowther
Topics: Christmas story, birth of Christ

The sweet story of the birth of the Christ has been treasured and retold for more than 2,000 years as part of the Christmas story. Yet many new insights have come to light in recent decades, as the sciences of archaeology and historical research have expanded and matured. Archaeological digs in Palestine were prohibited by the country’s Turkish rulers until their overthrow in World War I. The science didn’t really blossom until Israel became a nation following World War II. In a similar fashion, it has only been within the past half-century that scientific study of the Book of Mormon history, geography and archaeology has led to the locating of many key sites in Guatemala and southern Mexico.

Born to Save Mankind is a retelling of the beloved account of the birth of Christ, with the inclusion of many of these recently discovered insights. But it covers a much broader spectrum than the events which transpired in the meridian of time. It begins prior to the creation of this earth, laying the groundwork for the divine mission the Savior was to perform by concisely explaining our Heavenly Father’s glorious plan for the salvation of mankind.

The Christmas Story: The Birth of Christ

Many prophets foretold events in the life of Jesus; this study focuses on those prophecies which speak specifically of His birth. Famous prophecies such as Isaiah 7:14 and 9:6-7 are often quoted at Christmas time, but few understand the full implications of their messages because they have no grasp of the context. For that reason, the scriptural prophecies of the birth of the Redeemer are explained in the light of their historical settings, both in the Middle East and in Middle America.

Then the Christmas story is retold from the gospels of Matthew and Luke, but with the addition of many insights from both history and scripture. It continues through the family life, youth, and preparation of the Savior.

There is no doubt that even the most erudite reader will find new insights to ponder and assimilate on almost every page, as he reads Born to Save Mankind-New Insights on Events Surrounding the Birth of Christ!

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by Duane S. Crowther

Table of Contents

1. Our Heavenly Father’s Eternal Plan of Happiness, 5
Essential Elements in the Divine Plan to Bring to Pass Man’s Immortality and Eternal Life, 5
The Premortal Choosing and Empowering of the Redeemer, 6
Planning for the Savior’s Mortal Advent, 7
Lucifer’s Attempt to Usurp the Power of the “Only Begotten”, 7
Michael, the Archangel Who Became Adam, 8
Enoch’s Grand Summary of “the Plan of Salvation unto All Men”, 9

2. Prophecies of the Mortal Birth of Christ, 11
Pearl of Great Price and Old Testament Prophecies
Adam, 11
The Concept of Jesus as the “Only Begotten Son” of God the Father, 12
The Concept of the Meridian of Time, 13
Enoch, 13
Mahonri Moriancumer, 15
Moses, 16
Isaiah, 16
The Syro-Ephraimite War, 17
Micah, 20
Book of Mormon Prophecies
Lehi, 21
Nephi, 22
Jacob, 24
Abinadi, 25
King Benjamin, 26
Alma the Younger, 27
Nephi, Son of Helaman the 2nd, 28
Samuel the Lamanite, 29
Nephi, Son of Nephi, Grandson of Helaman the 2nd, 30

The Christmas Story

3. Events in Palestine Preceding the Savior’s Birth, Prior to the Journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem, as Found in the Gospels of Luke and Matthew, 33
Telling the Story of Jesus, 33
Dating the Events Related to the Birth of Christ, 34
The Genealogies of Christ’s Mortal Parents, 35
The Birth of John the Baptist Foretold to His Father, Zacharias, by the Angel Gabriel, 36
Herod the Great, 36
The Course of Abia [Abijah], and Officiating in the Holy of Holies, 37
Officiating on the Day of Atonement, 37
Gabriel, 39
Zacharias Returned Home; Elizabeth Conceived, 40
Location of the Home of Zacharias, 40
The Miracle of Elizabeth’s Conception, 41
The Angel Gabriel Foretold the Birth of Jesus to Mary, 41
The Name Mary, 41
Espousal, or Betrothal, and Marriage, 41
The Doctrine of Virgin Birth, 42
God the Father, Not the Holy Ghost, is the Father of Jesus Christ, 43
Mary Visited Elizabeth About Three Months, 44
The Routes from Nazareth to Jerusalem, 44
The Magnificat, 45
Mary Returned to Nazareth, 45
The Birth, Circumcision, and Naming of John the Baptist, 45
The Prophecies of Zacharias Concerning Christ and John the Baptist, 46
Zacharias’ Prophecy of the Savior, 47
Zacharias’ Prophecy of His Son, John, 47
The Benedictus, 47
John the Baptist was Ordained by an Angel When Eight Days Old, and was Baptised as a Child, 47
Joseph’s Struggle Concerning the Law of Moses’ Edicts Concerning Non-virgin Espoused “Wives”, 48
Joseph, 48
The Mosaic Laws on Brides Who are Not Virgins; Putting Wives Away Privately, 48
An Angel Foretold the Birth and Mission of Jesus to Joseph, 49
Joseph’s Acceptance of the Angel’s Counsel to Take Mary as His Wife, 49
Jewish Marriage Customs, 49
The Name Jesus, 50
Nazareth Prior to the Time of Christ’s Birth, 50
Nazareth at the Time of the Savior’s Birth, 51
Nazareth Not Held in High Regard During the Ministry of Christ, 51
Nazareth Today, 52

4. Events in Palestine Surrounding the Savior’s Birth, Beginning with the Journey of Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem, from the Gospels of Luke and Matthew, 53
The Roman Decree for a Census to be Taken in Palestine, 53
Caesar Agustus, 53
Roman Censuses, 53
Cyrenius, 54
Joseph and Mary Journeyed from Nazareth to Bethlehem, 54
Observations on Ancient Jewish Marriage Laws, 55
The Season of Christ’s Birth, 55
Meaning and Implications of the Name “Bethlehem”, 55
The Old Testament History of Bethlehem, 56
Bethlehem at the Time of the birth of Christ, 56
Bethlehem Today, 58
The Birth of Jesus the Christ, 58
So Few Words Report Christ’s Mortal Birth, 58
A Typical “Romanticised” Account of the Savior’s Birth, 58
The Traditional Site of Christ’s Birth, 59
Some Possibilities to Consider in Connection with Christ’s Birth, 59
Angels Appeared to Bethlehem Shepherds, 60
Shepherds Tending the Temple Flocks, 60
The Lamb of God, 60
The Shepherds Visited the Baby Jesus, 61
The Beginning of Word-of-mouth Missionary Work, 61

5. Events in the Early Childhood of Jesus, 62
The Circumcision of Jesus, 62
The Rite of Circumcision, 62
The Presentation of the Baby Jesus in the Temple, 62
Presenting a Newborn Child unto the Lord, 62
The Law of Purification for Women After Childbirth, 63
Required Offerings Following Childbirth, 63
The Testimony of Simeon, 64
Elements of Simeon’s Testimony and Prophecy, 64
The Testimony of Anna the Prophetess, 65
Another Witness Spreading the Word, 65
Wise Men from the East Follow the Star to Palestine and Inquire of King Herod, 65
Conjectures Concerning the Identity of the Wise Men, 66
The Magis’ Encounter with Herod (the Great), 67
The Star in the East, 67
The Wise Men Bring Gifts to the Christ Child, 68
Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, 68
Wise Men Warned in a Dream, 69
Joseph, Jesus and Mary Flee to Egypt, 69
The Flight into Egypt, 69
Out of Egypt Have I Called My Son, 69
The Slaughter of the Children of Bethlehem, 69
The Slaughter of the Innocents, 70
Ramah and Rachel, 70
The Family’s Removal from Egypt to Nazareth, 70
The Death of Herod the Great, 71
Herod’s Kingdom Divided Between Three of His Sons, 71
Jesus the Nazorean, 71

6. The Early Childhood and Youth of Jesus, 72
Scriptural Passages Attesting to Jesus’ Acquiring Learning and Wisdom, 72
Annual Visits to Jerusalem, 72
Obedience to the Requirement that Males Appear Before the Lord, 72
Jesus Achieved “Manhood” Status, 73
The Ancient Equivalent of the Modern Bar Mitzvah, 74
The Teen-age Years of Jesus, 75
Jesus Not with His Parents as They Traveled Back to Nazareth, 75
Scriptural Clues to Jesus’ Teen-age Conduct, 75
Descriptions of Probable Activities During Jesus’ Youth, 75
The Family of Jesus, 77
Various Theories Concerning the Family of Jesus, 77
Jesus a “Carpenter” or a “Craftsman”?, 77

Index, 79


Topics: The Christmas Story, The Birth of Christ

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Born to Save Mankind: New Insights on Events Surrounding the Birth of Christ


Duane S. Crowther




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