How to Understand the Book of Mormon

How to Understand the Book of Mormon is a masterpiece of organization and simplification of many aspects of the Book of Mormon, designed to help its readers grasp and comprehend what they are reading.

Part One divides the book into 12 sections, each about 40-50 pages in length. Each of The Book of Mormon chapters is outlined and summarized, with key items and teachings highlighted and explained.

Part Two provides Book of Mormon references on 332 topics: the most comprehensive listing of Book of Mormon doctrines and teachings in print! Special detailed explanations are given on the Isaiah-quoted passages.

Part Three contains special charts and explanations.

How to Understand the Book of Mormon will truly be of great value to you and to every Book of Mormon reader. This book can be a very useable and useful guide to your Book of Mormon study.


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by Duane S. Crowther

How to Understand the Book of Mormon is a valuable guide to enjoying and comprehending the ancient American scriptures. It is a valuable guide to Book of Mormon history and doctrines.

  • (1) It is a simplified reading program.
  • (2) It is a useful chapter-by-chapter outline and summary.
  • (3) It is a doctrinal analysis, and
  • (4) it is an in-depth topical guide to the Book of Mormon.

In Part I, The Reading Guide, the Book of Mormon is divided into twelve portions of from 40 to 50 pages. Each portion contains a simple story outline that indicates the major historical events which transpire and simplifies Book of Mormon study. Then, chapters of special interest are listed, and passages of doctrinal importance are summarized into concise units. Difficult passages, such as the chapters quoted from the writings of Isaiah, are examined and given special explanations in their historical context.

Part II is a useful Doctrinal Guide to the hundreds of important teachings found in the Book of Mormon. Passages are listed under related headings, with the Table of Contents serving as a simple index to 332 topics. This doctrinal analysis is the most comprehensive list of Book of Mormon themes in print.

Part III contains Charts and Special Helps which will aid in understanding the Book of Mormon. They tell in simple form of the various groups that migrated to the Americas, of the plates upon which the records were kept, and of how God protected the writings to come forth in the last days.  The authors and keepers of the sacred records are listed.

How to Understand the Book of Mormon is a vital study tool that can serve as a lifetime reference to those who love the Book of Mormon.

6” x 9” paperback

192 pages

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