Amazing but True Mormon Stories

Here are 55 fun-to-read tales from early and recent LDS Church history. The author, a truly talented storyteller, adroitly hides the person being described until the last sentence of each tale. And her stories are all true! Some of the fun accounts are: The Disappearing Act of Brigham Young, The Mystery of the Missing Bell, The Grave with Nobody in It, The Chicken that Prophesied, Dead Men Pay No Fines, and The Man Who Wouldn’t Die. She even documents their sources at the end of the book. This is great reading for all ages!


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    by Joan Oviatt

    Topics: Amazing But True, Mormon History, Mormon Stories, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Mormon Biographies, Biographical Sketches, Humorous but True Accounts

    Amazing But True Mormon Stories is a delightful collection of remarkable vignettes: short stories about men, women, and events in Latter-day Saint history. These accounts, collected from documented historical sources, range from the early years of the Church to the modern era. The short, quick-to-read, sometimes startling stories in Amazing but True Mormon Stories will be enjoyed by every reader who likes intriguing tales with uplifting, often amazing, and always surprising endings. Joan Oviatt has clearly established herself as a top-rank story teller!

    Read such incredible accounts as:

    The Gothic Beauty

    Another Mormon Miracle

    To Protect a Prophet

    The Woman Who Died and Came Back

    Christmas in Nauvoo

    The Disappearing Act of Brigham Young

    The Hidden Ammunition

    The Mystery of the Deserted City

    The Island of Refuge

    A Meeting in California

    The Mystery of the Bad Food

    The Mormons and the Doomed Wagon Train

    The Non-Mormons Who Saved a Handcart Company

    Testimony of Sea Gulls

    The State of East California

    The Senator Who Stood Against the War

    The Mystery of the Missing Bell

    The Tale of Two Meals

    The Marvelous Invention

    The Settlement that Failed

    The Chicken that Prophesied

    On One Day

    The Grave with Nobody in It

    News Report on the Amazon

    The Trousers that Shocked Utah

    Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation

    The Missionary Who Would Be King

    The City of Wealth

    The Mule that Saved the Mexican Saints

    Among the Awful Mormons

    The Pants Rebellion

    A Road by Any Other Name

    A Sermon about Nothing

    A Gospel Lesson

    The Explosion and the School

    The Little Girl that Smoked a Pipe

    The Important Book

    Dead Men Pay No Fines

    The Man Who Wouldn’t Die

    The Monster of Utah’s Dixie

    The First Man in the Relief Society

    The Lover Man of Salt Lake City

    The Justice of Price, Utah

    The Russian Farmer and the American Church

    The Unconquerable Foe

    The Man Who Could Not Sing

    A Prayer Before Kings

    The Mormon and the Gangsters

    The Basketball Mission

    The Miracle of the House

    Eye on Eternities

    The Hidden Talents

    The Guiding Light

    The Actress and the Mariachi Band

    To Remember the Sabbath Day


    6″ x 9″ hardback

    144 pages