Duane S Crowther Publications

Duane S Crowther is a well-educated, well-traveled, widely experienced,  author and lecturer. He holds a bachelor’s degree in instrumental and choral teaching from Brigham Young University;  A master’s degree in Old and New Testament from BYU; a Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix; and has completed all the coursework for a Ph.D. in music education from the University of Utah.

A capable teacher, he has taught Seminary in the LDS Education system; instrumental music in the Salt Lake City public schools; business and project [thesis]-writing for the University of Phoenix; and a varied curriculum for many years in his county’s adult-education program. Duane S Crowther is an accomplished public speaker as well as an ongoing scholar in the fields of scripture study and Latter-day Saint doctrines.

He’s had many years of practical business management. He owned and operated two music stores in Utah’s Cache County. He organized Horizon Publishers & Distributors, Inc. in Bountiful Utah and has served as President and Senior Editor of that corporation since 1971.

Now, in his senior years, he is concentrating on the production of brief in-depth research products which treat various subjects in greater depth than is elsewhere available. Many are based on the teaching handouts he developed for classes he’s taught.

This category includes all his books, e-books, in-depth research studies, teaching handouts, music compositions, audio discourses, and translated products that are presently available.

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Showing 1–16 of 137 results