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Wholesome media can be difficult to come across in today’s world, but Horizon Publishers’ Bookstore is here to provide top-notch Latter-day Saint entertainment for you and your family. We offer many excellent LDS books and audio products, cookbooks, cross-stitch patterns, and other helpful books and downloadable media. We have something for everyone in the family.

Our Latter-day Saint Internet Bookstore

Making a trip to the bookstore can often be inconvenient, so we bring all our entertainment and media to your door or computer through our online LDS bookstore. We offer a great range of books, eBooks, CDs, downloadable talks, piano music, and scripture guides for children, teens, and adults.

All of these products have been published by Horizon Publishers & Distributors, Inc. The firm is not an official outlet for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but it has produced popular products for LDS readers since it was incorporated in 1980.

No matter what type of wholesome reading or listening you’re looking for, our Latter-day Saint bookstore has products you’ll be interested in.

The books we offer don’t just repeat information you’ve heard a hundred times; they provide more in-depth information and content than you’ll find elsewhere. For those who just want interesting media, but not necessarily religious items, we offer a rich selection of non-LDS books, including history, self-help, cookbooks, outdoor activities, and much more.

If you want to discover good products for you and your family — subjects that can entertain, inform, inspire, and make you feel good — scan the category lists on the right side of this page. Click on them to bring up products that will be just right for you. Browse and explore our online bookstore. You’ll be glad you did!